Ignite your wellness journey for a long, pure, beautiful life

I desire for women to be focused on their health and wellbeing, to be comfortable in their own skin and for them to feel that they have purpose and passion in their lives.

In my ‘Discover Wellness‘ program and through my life & wellness coaching I hope to help my client’s discover tools that assist them in making themselves healthier and happier while discovering their own effective ways to use these tools so they can continue to grow and develop their own wellness journey. My passion lies in helping women achieve a sense of wellness that allows them to live a long, pure beautiful life.


I am a qualified holistic wellness coach and life coach based in Marlborough New Zealand. Just after I had finished my training I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer which made me reflect deeply on all that I had learned and how I could make improvements in my life that would help empower my thinking, improve my energy and help me live more in line with my deepest passions and purpose. It was a time of incredible learning and change for me and a chance to apply all that I had learned to my holistic wellbeing. I was so grateful that I had the coaching tools to help me stay positive throughout all the treatments which I finished in 2017. My passion now lies in helping others achieve the same sense of wellness that allows them to live a long, pure beautiful life.


For many ‘wellness’ is an unfamiliar word. It is however merely the process of making conscious choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The Discover Wellness Program is a three week course designed to introduce you to some of the concepts of wellness. Even if you are familiar with the term ‘wellness’ this program will initiate new thoughts and help you develop habits that will lead you towards greater holistic health and wellbeing.

If this sounds a bit daunting take comfort in knowing that I’ll be here to help you along your journey.




In Week One we look at how to deal with negative, habitual thoughts and replace them with empowering affirmations and a clear mind.



During Week Two we will look at all things physical: including your energy, movement and longevity.



Week Three is all about discovering your passions and purpose, and how you can align these with your daily life.


Choose between one of the three available options.
  1. The Self Study Discover Wellness Program: After purchasing, simply follow the instructions provided to access the full program at your fingertips!
  2. The Guided Coaching Discover Wellness Program: While you are completing this program you will have three email sessions with me where you can cover any specific concerns you may have on a deeper level. I will assist with sending you tools, worksheets, challenges and blogs that relate to these concerns.
  3. The Full Coaching Discover Wellness Program: This will give you three 30 minute coaching sessions with me which will then be backed up with email support including tools, worksheets, challenges and blogs.
The Discover Wellness program is a fun, easy to follow way to work towards your wellness goals. I learnt how important it is to make myself a priority, which now allows me to keep pace with my busy schedule. I am now more inspired to follow my dreams and focus on my goals.
Kim H

Loved working through the Discover Wellness program with Lyn. Some great ideas, fantastic coaching sessions and a really fun few weeks.
Georgia A

When Lynley was going through her struggles with health issues, I commented to many people (& hopefully to Lynley herself!!) on her amazing positivity, determination and quiet sense of strength. She was truly inspirational. Now, through the program she has developed, she is sharing her insights, not just with regard to coping with adversity but of dealing with everyday life and emerging stronger, healthier and happier. The program has introduced me to an entirely new set of tools - tools that are practical, applicable, personalised and above all “workable”. These tools are increasingly playing an important part in growing my sense of contentment and well being on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend you take the time to journey slowly through this beautiful and inspiring program.
Jude H-J

Lynley’s program Discover Wellness is just wonderful!  It is full of amazing tips to get your life back on track, when things haven’t been going so well or maybe life has been throwing you obstacles.  This program is beautifully constructed to guide you and make things seem so much easier. Thank you Lynley, I found your program so inspiring.
Angela S

Lyn’s four week taster course helped me to adapt my attitudes and behaviours in order to think more clearly and positively. The Soul Nourishment self-care tasks, habit trackers and checklists allowed me to focus on my daily and weekly routines, increasing my awareness of the ways in which I worked towards my goals, reducing the number of elements that inhibited me. The course helped me to realign my priorities and set time aside to do the things which would make a positive difference in my life, which meant rewarding outcomes and reduced stress levels. After completing the course I noticed a great improvement to the way in which I used my strengths and focused on achieving daily tasks and long-term goals. With the help of the course I now consider what I put into my body and mind, and can see a noticeable difference in the output. Lyn’s course is a game changer that allows you to create a healthy relationship with yourself and feel in control of your life choices – I could not recommend it more!
Katy W



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