Here is some information on ‘ Wellness’ and ‘Wellness Coaching’ so you can gain a better insight into what it’s all about.

What Is Wellness?

The World Health Organisation describes wellness -as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

I see wellness as an active process of becoming aware and making positive choices towards a healthy, meaningful and wonderful life.

Why Do I Need Coaching?

Today our lives are pretty challenging. We all go through periods of stress, time pressures, poor sleep and just not feeling on top of things. During these times we can feel a bit like a blank canvas causing our health and wellbeing to really suffer.

Our lives are intended to be wonderful and fulfilling but too often our own fears and self-limiting beliefs limit our ability to achieve everything that we deserve. Until these beliefs are exposed and we understand how negatively they can affect our lives we are unable to reach our full potential.

This is when we need to get our lives back on track and be reminded of the positive steps we can make to feel focused, wonderful and engaged.

You might have a particular goal in mind or you may feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start. Either way I will help you make the right changes to get you inspired and loving life again.

How Is This Done?

With my ‘Discover Wellness‘ program I help you discover tools, activities to do and give you loads of tips that will aid you in making yourself healthier and happier.

As a coach I ask you questions and use a selection of models, tools and workbooks to help you move forward. I am trained to ask targeted questions that will inspire you to look within yourself for the answers by shifting your awareness and moving you to new places of consciousness. My tools, worksheets and tips are designed to relieve the load and help you make positive change.

Why Is A Holistic Approach To Wellness Coaching Important?

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to wellness, as health and wellbeing are the outcomes of the constant interaction of our mind, body, and soul.

All these parts are interrelated with each other so my aim is that you become conscious of and work towards healing your whole self not just one part of yourself.

Finding balance in life is truly important and to do this we need to look at all aspects of our life.

Can I Make These Changes When I Have A Chronic Condition Or Been Diagnosed With A Disease?

Absolutely. This is what I did when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I wanted to take a proactive role towards living the best life that I could while adjusting my lifestyle, thinking and options to create a meaningful life during that period of time and into my future. Finding a fresh perspective during these challenges is a must and this is where my passion lies because of my own experiences.

Join me in my ‘Discover Wellness‘ and/or ‘Wellness Coaching Sessions’ so that you can ignite your wellness journey for a long, pure, beautiful life.

The Discover Wellness program is a fun, easy to follow way to work towards your wellness goals. I learnt how important it is to make myself a priority, which now allows me to keep pace with my busy schedule. I am now more inspired to follow my dreams and focus on my goals.
Kim H

Loved working through the Discover Wellness program with Lyn. Some great ideas, fantastic coaching sessions and a really fun few weeks.
Georgia A

When Lynley was going through her struggles with health issues, I commented to many people (& hopefully to Lynley herself!!) on her amazing positivity, determination and quiet sense of strength. She was truly inspirational. Now, through the program she has developed, she is sharing her insights, not just with regard to coping with adversity but of dealing with everyday life and emerging stronger, healthier and happier. The program has introduced me to an entirely new set of tools - tools that are practical, applicable, personalised and above all “workable”. These tools are increasingly playing an important part in growing my sense of contentment and well being on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend you take the time to journey slowly through this beautiful and inspiring program.
Jude H-J

Lynley’s program Discover Wellness is just wonderful!  It is full of amazing tips to get your life back on track, when things haven’t been going so well or maybe life has been throwing you obstacles.  This program is beautifully constructed to guide you and make things seem so much easier. Thank you Lynley, I found your program so inspiring.
Angela S

Lyn’s four week taster course helped me to adapt my attitudes and behaviours in order to think more clearly and positively. The Soul Nourishment self-care tasks, habit trackers and checklists allowed me to focus on my daily and weekly routines, increasing my awareness of the ways in which I worked towards my goals, reducing the number of elements that inhibited me. The course helped me to realign my priorities and set time aside to do the things which would make a positive difference in my life, which meant rewarding outcomes and reduced stress levels. After completing the course I noticed a great improvement to the way in which I used my strengths and focused on achieving daily tasks and long-term goals. With the help of the course I now consider what I put into my body and mind, and can see a noticeable difference in the output. Lyn’s course is a game changer that allows you to create a healthy relationship with yourself and feel in control of your life choices – I could not recommend it more!
Katy W

Coaching Packages

3 x 45 Minute Sessions

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6 x 45 Minute Sessions

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